Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Big Time: An Introduction To Hip Hop Touring

There are many aspects about touring that eludes countless bands and artists.
Yet every time I subscribe to a touring "tips" site or newsletter; it almost never takes into account the details and the effort for the type of tour a hip hop act would be able to pull off successfully.
Simply put, those "how to" sites are from non-hip hop acts writing for other non-hip hop acts.

I'm not bitter, and neither should you be, about this seemingly apparent disregard for hip hop acts.
It is not like that for the most part.

For the most part, rock and other types of bands just don't know the path of a hip hop artist (especially if you're an African American  entertainer - we know that discussion, so I won't get into that here)

The bottom line is: A touring blog written for hip hop acts by hip hop acts will be more effective in showing young hip hop artists how they should tread the unstable waters of touring.

But 99% the bands that write on this subject do know about touring, be it local, regional, or national.

National touring is the grand prize, if you can make it to this level of performing; YOU WILL BE ENGAGED BY A RECORD COMPANY WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN YOUR ADVANCE.  And the best part is, you won't even have to accept their offers!

You will be making so much money (by doing it right) you will have to at least stop and compare between being independent-100% financial/creative control and being signed to a contract-more organized career path, but with less financial and creative control.

I don't care which you take, that will be your decision. I'm just going to help you get on the right track to making a living doing what you like (I assume that's why you're here in the first place)

Many of you know being a hip hop act with little or no influence in other cities is a scary idea for anyone to drop what they're doing, and pack up and tour 2000 miles away from home. Especially when hip hop shows are a difficult ticket to procure at venues worth booking with even in our OWN towns!

This is not a surprise to anyone, I've been all over this country and there are very few venues that will book a hip hop show that all the locals don't think is the hole-in-a-wall of that city.

How do we change that? How does a hip hop artist go into a city 400 miles away from home and secure a paying gig with a mid-level or even high-end venue?

I'm not going to sell you this information, I'll never ask for your credit card information.

I would appreciate a visit to one or two of my sponsors, and if you could share this blog with like minded individuals. We can all use each others help and resources to help make each others tours successful. There is room for everybody at the top, don't let anyone lie to you about that.

Until the next article, I thank you for checking out my first blog: The Big Time: An Introduction To Hip Hop Touring